Buying Broadway Tickets

The first step to buying Broadway tickets is to use all of your available resources. This is not a small task as there are many places that you can buy tickets from. Knowing which ones are helpful—and which are not—will help you to save a lot of time. Going through the venue is a smart first step, but for the most popular shows, this will be almost impossible. For example, Hamilton is one of the most popular shows of all time and buying tickets directly from the Richard Rodgers Theatre in New York City will cut out the cost of needing to go through a middle man. But because it’s so popular, everyone else will be trying the same thing. That means tickets sellout quickly.

So, going through a third party is almost always a must. Using a reputable ticket sales site is the key to your success here. StubHub, SeatGeek, and handful of other sites have a strong reputation, guarantee the quality of your tickets, and have many other safeguards in place to ensure that you are getting exactly what you pay for. Not all sites do this, so it’s important that you only use a site that performs all of these safety checks on their tickets. There’s nothing worse than not getting what you paid for.

Saving Money

Here is Your Ticket GuideWe also realize that saving money is important. We get that. That’s why it’s important that you use whatever resources you can to help you save money. Finding coupon codes and discounts online can be a great start here. Sites like StubHub often have a lot of built in codes, if you know where to look. Sometimes a quick Google search can point you in the right direction, while other times that’s not quite enough to get you the best codes. There are code subscription services out there, like Groupon, but these are not always the most cost effective way of doing business. However, if you’re going to search for discounts and promotions online, be sure to only give your personal information to trusted sites. Sometimes, scammers will pose as discount code sites, and this can be counterproductive to saving money.

Also, check out all of the options that a site gives you. If the site has a mobile app, this can be one more tool in your toolbox when it comes to buying Broadway tickets. For example, many sites have promotions that are available just through their app, and some will even give you free credits toward buying tickets. This creates customer loyalty and ensures that your business will stay with that site, but it also helps you, too. Any customer rewards or perks programs can also help you to save money when buying Broadway tickets—or any other event tickets for that matter.

Check Around

Finally, don’t be afraid to comparison shop. SeatGeek might have the best deal of center section seats to The Lion King this week, but next week it might be another site. There’s no harm in using more than one site. Like we recommended above, signup for their rewards programs, use the mobile site, and check the sites often. Ticket prices change daily, and a $300 seat today might be a $275 seat tomorrow. Knowing651 when to buy tickets can be tough, but when you are checking more often and using more resources you will give yourself a better idea of just when to time your purchase. You might not get it perfect, but you can certainly cut down on your costs by familiarizing yourself with all of the tools that are out there.