Come see what students of Half Moon Theatre School of the Arts learned this session! You’ll be impressed with the talent as they sing, dance, act and grow as young artists! All classes focus on preparing a piece to be performed at the end of each 10 week long session. The Showcase is an opportunity to share their work with family, friends and the community in a fun, supportive setting.

ALL STUDENTS MUST PARTICIPATE IN THE SHOWCASE. Theater is collaborative– a team sport. If one person is missing it greatly affects the rest of the group. When you register your child for the session you and your child make a commitment to the Showcase and fellow artists.

Showcase Attire: All students must wear an HMT School t-shirt, jeans and sneakers. T-shirts are provided once to each new student as a gift. New students will receive their t-shirt the last class of the session.  For new and returning students: If t-shirts are lost or damaged, a replacement will have to be purchased for $15. Students may wear a solid white (no logos, designs, etc) long sleeved shirt under the HMT School t-shirt if they wish.

Fees: There are NO Performance or Costume Fees! 

Showcase Day Schedule: Day of, the students have a full day of rehearsing in the morning and then performing the Showcase in the afternoon. Please plan on your children being there all day. Send your children with water, snacks/lunch if you think they will need it. The School is not responsible for supervising students between Showcase performances.


NOTE: The Creative Drama/Act One Class only performs at the Noon performance. All other students perform at BOTH Showcase performances (Noon & 3pm). Parents of Creative Drama/Act One students should be sure to purchase Showcase tickets for the Noon performance as soon as they are available. Seating is limited. Each Showcase performance is about an hour long.

10 am Call Time for Acting Students
10:30 am Call Time for All Musical Theatre Students
11:15 am Call Time for Act One / Creative Drama
Noon – 1pm First Showcase Performance (including Act One / Creative Drama)
1 pm Break for lunch
The School is not responsible for supervising students between Showcase performances.
2:15 Call time for all students to be at Space for 3pm performance
3pm – 4pm Second Showcase Performance (no Creative Drama / Act One class)

Please email School of the Arts with questions.